Down Home's Porch




homemade pie + treats

maple creemees

coffee + full bar



down home's seasonal porch is open during the warm weather months and we want you to come and enjoy the space!


Offerings include:


full menu + table service

7 days a week 8 am - 2 pm

(please see a hostess inside for seating)   


southern bell bar + bakeshop:

ring the bell, order at the window and seat yourself! 

treats include coffee from variety roasters, homebaked goodies, beer, wine, cocktails, maple, chocolate or twist creemees, pie, cakes and more!


Pop-Ups on the porch:

stay tuned to our event page, facebook and instagram for updates on concerts, events and evening parties on the porch


open to the community!

any hours that down home is not open for business the porch is wide open to the community.  plan a work meeting, get-together for the kids or bring your picnic or takeout and enjoy sitting downtown with your pooch and friends. 


please Make yourself at home!